Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th January 2023 Written Update: Ruhi gets upset

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th January 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode,  Abhimanyu talks with Ruhi. Ruhi asks Abhimanyu to become hairdresser instead of doctor. Manjiri says to Arohi that Ruhi has become Abhimanyu’s entire world. Arohi adores Abhimanyu and Ruhi. Manjiri asks Arohi if she think Ruhi less consider her because of Abhimanyu. Arohi says  no. She adds without Abhimanyu and Ruhi she would have left clueless. Arohi says Ruhi don’t miss Neil because of Abhimanyu. A

Abhimanyu says to Ruhi to get ready for school. Manjiri scold staff for not being on time. She asks to value time else explanation hurt later. Abhimanyu asks Manjiri to relax. Arohi, Abhimanyu and Ruhi go to school. Abhir, Abhinav returns and inform Akshara that they have sold the jam. Akshara praises Abhir and Abhinav. They further decide to open the gift by Manish. Akshara, Abhir and Abhinav checks upon the gift. Abhir gets upset seeing girl’s dress. He wonders why Manish has sent him girl’s dress.

Ruhi and Abhimanyu return home. Arohi and Manjiri feed food to Ruhi. Ruhi asks Manjiri to feed her food. Arohi says since Ruhi is eating food she will open her surprise gift. Ruhi gets excited to open the gift. Abhimanyu and Ruhi open the gift. Ruhi gets shocked seeing boys cloth in her gift. She wonders why Manish has sent her boy’s clothes. Abhir and Ruhi confront Manish over exchanged gifts.  Manish apologizes Abhir and Ruhi over exchanged gift.

Akshara and Abhimanyu take the mobile. Akshara fails to talk with Manish. She asks Abhinav why he don’t keep his mobile on charge. Abhinav asks Akshara to call Manish from her mobile. Manish talks with Abhimanyu and apologize for exchanged gift. He assures Abhimanyu that he will not repeat his mistake. Akshara calls Manish. Manish says to Akshara that gifts got exchanged by mistake. Akshara says it is good as she learn how old Ruhi is. Manish asks Akshara if she will not come to meet them. Akshara refuse to visit Goenkas.

Ruhi gets convinced that Manish’s gift got exchanged by mistake. Abhimanyu tells to Ruhi that Manish has one more grandchild. Ruhi decide not to share Abhimanyu, Goenkas or Arohi with anyone. Manjiri gets attack. Mahima gets angry on Abhimanyu for bringing Akshara’s topic. Anand and Mahima ask Abhimanyu not to try to bring the two worlds together. Abhimanyu walks on the road. He refuses to take Lord Shiva’s blessing. Priest out there asks Lord Shiv to bless Abhimanyu with whatever he wants.

Akshara, Abhir and Abhinav spend time together. Abhir demands Akshara to sing. Akshara says to Abhir that she don’t know to sing. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Neela asks Abhinav to marry Akshara. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu to marry Arohi.

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