Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th June 2021 Written Update: Sirat accuses Chauhan

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th June 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Ranveer along with Sirat and Kartik runs to the hospital. Nidhi cries and hugs Ranveer. She tells to Ranveer that Saroj is not well and not responding to the treatment too. Ranveer console Nidhi. Kartik asks Nidhi to tell what all happened at her house.

Sirat goes to Chauhan and accuse him for Saroj’s condition. She asks if he pushed Saroj because she attended her wedding. Kartik asks Sirat to relax. Ranveer asks Kartik not to stop Sirat as he too thinks alike.

Nidhi reveals that Chauhan hasn’t done anything. She tells she herself saw her falling from the stairs. Nidhi says doctors saying Saroj give upon her life. She says Saroj is shattered because of the fight between Ranveer and Chauhan.

Ranveer stands teary. Chauhan realizes his mistake and urges Ranveer to come back home and end the fight. Sirat refuses to stay together with Chauhan. She decides to take care of Saroj. Doctor informs Saroj is out of danger. He asks they can meet her. Ranveer, Sirat and Nidhi goes to meet Saroj.

Here, Kartik says to Chauhan that he is acting good but none believes him. He asks Chauhan not to trouble Sirat and Ranveer anymore. Chauhan asks Kartik to leave him alone.

There, Saroj give her bangle to Sirat and blesses her. Sirat asks Saroj to come along as she will take much care of her. Saroj says she can’t live without Chauhan. Kartik stands out and waits for Sirat. Here, Suwarna worries for Saroj. Surekha says she doesn’t understand what Kartik is doing at the hospital.

Suwarna says there is nothing to understand as Ranveer is Kartik’s friend thus he is with them. Surekha says to Suwarna that ever since Sirat marked her entry in Kartik’s life, latter has stopped focusing on his personal life.

Other side, Sirat sits angry. Kartik asks Sirat about her temper. Sirat reveals to Kartik that Ranveer agree to stay with Chauhan and Saroj. She says Ranveer doesn’t asked her once. Sirat fear staying with Chauhan. Kartik makes Sirat understand not to go to Chauhan’s place with harsh feeling. He asks to go to take care of Saroj. Sirat understands Kartik’s word. Later, Saroj welcomes Sirat and Ranveer. Nidhi perform rituals with Sirat and Ranveer.

Ahead, Mainsh asks Kartik to think about his wedding too. He asks Kartik to look for a girl. Kartik stands speechless. There, Sirat walks in. Chauhan stands shocked seeing Sirat and Ranveer. Here,Kartik says he is not alone as Naira’s memory is with him. Mainsh asks Kartik to move on in his life. (Episode Ends)

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Precap: Sirat looks for a girl for Kartik and rejects them. Ranveer says to Sirat the way she is rejecting girls, it seems she doesn’t want any girl to marry Kartik. Sirat sits shocked.

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