Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th May 2021 Written Update: Sirat reunites with Ranveer

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sirat punching Ranveer. Sirat reminds Ranveer that he has told her to vent out of her anger by punching when she can’t express it by words. Sirat keeps hurting Ranveer. Kartik asks her to stop.

Sirat tears Ranveer’s shirt in anger and sees the bullet mark on his chest. Kartik tells Sirat that it’s the bullet mark that Ranveer took for her. There are still bullet fragments lodged in his chest. Kartik asks Sirat to ask all her questions to Ranveer and asks Ranveer to answer Sirat’s all questions.

Kartik reveals to Sirat that Ranveer is the one, who crushed his car. Kartik ges’td ready to leave, but Sirat’s saree pallu getd stuck in his Kartik’s watch. Kartik removes it and leaves from there. Kartik gets sad recollecting Kairav’s words.

Sirat asks Ranveer what is the truth. Ranveer tells that he has come to the temple and saw her waiting for him with Nani. Sirat asks then why he did not meet her. Ranveer says let go of it, there’s no use of talking all this now.

Sirat says she can’t leave, she has been searching answers for her questions since 2 years. She can’t let go of an opportunity to get answers for her questions. She asks to tell her what happened in the temple. Ranveer tells Sirat what happened in the temple. Sirat gets emotional and hugs Ranveer. Hamari adhuri kahani plays in the BG. Other side Kartik is wondering how to tell Kairav the truth.

Sirat breaks down. She feels guilty for misunderstanding Ranveer. She asks why the bullets fragments are still lodged in his chest.

Ranveer says that she wasn’t with him so this is the only way he find to keep her memories close to his heart. Ranveer says that he felt more pain when he saw her getting engaged to Kartik.

Sirat asks if he saw her engagement. Ranveer says he saw with his own eyes, he ran from there, it’s good he met with an accident and fainted. Sirat slaps Ranveer when he says that he wish that he could have died. Ranveer hugs Sirat saying that he wasn’t happy even a single day in these 2 years. They share an emotional talk.

Meanwhile Manish phones Kartik to ask why they didn’t reach the ashram yet. Kairav insist to talk to Kartik. Manish hands the phone to Kairav. Kairav asks Kartik to give the phone to Sirat. He is angry with Kartik and wants to talk only to Sirat.

Kartik asks Kairav how one would feel when he/she gets back the person he/she loves. Kairav says one would get very happy and God shouldn’t take away the people that we love very much.

Kairav asks why he’s saying all this to him now, he wants to talk to Sirat. Kartik says that Sirat is with the person whom she loves. Kairav asks if sirat will stay with them. Kartik says she won’t. Kairav gets adamant to talk to Sirat. Kartik says that he can’t talk to Sirat now.

Manish takes the phone from Kairav. Kairav tells Manish to ask Kartik to bring Sirat and leaves. Manish asks Kartik what he said to Kairav, why Kairav got sad. Kartik says that he will explain him coming home and requests to take care of Kairav.

Manish says that he will not spare Sirat if she’s responsible for Kairav’s sadness. Swarna and Nani look on. Kartik regrets telling Kairav the truth in the phone call.

Ranveer tells Sirat that he had come to return her shoes, but they missed to see each other. He further says that she became a dream, so he made her name his and started a company on her name. Swarna and Nani ask Manish what happened, why he looks worried.

Manish taunts Nani with Sirat. Nani asks what Sirat did, she has gone to the ashram with Kartik. Manish says that he doesn’t even know if they’re together. Sirat and Ranveer share a moment.

Ranveer shows the engagement ring and asks if she will stay by his side. Chandan informs Kartik that Sirat and Ranveer’s life is in danger. Ranveer asks Sirat if she gave his place to Kartik. Sirat looks on.

The episode ends.

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Precap: Kartik tells that Ranveer and Sirat that their life is in danger and asks them to get into his car. Sirat hesitates. A voice over asks who will unite with whom and what will be the decision, who will get the happiness and who will face the problems.

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