Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 8th October 2019 Written update: Kartik and Naira visits down memory lane together

Episode starts with Naira and kartik are in toxic state and they are cutely arguing with each other. He taunts her for being away from him for a long period of time. She says you keep on taunt me whenever you gte opportunity. I had to live without you for many years, it was very difficult for me but still I had to.

Naira cutely says she doesn’t want to talk to him as he is only interested to talk sarcastic always. Kartik says I am saying the truth only and you are feeling bad for hearing the truth? They get more close to each other in that state and gets lost in each other and starts to remind the days.

Kartik questions Naira about how she managed to do all these all alone? He asks did you ever remembered me during the period you are away from me?

Naira says I remembered you always in every moment during my pregnancy. She elaborates to Kartik about all the incidents that took place during her that time period and Kartik feels overwhelmed and sad over the fact that she has to bear it all alone and he even asks her why she didn’t call him back again? She should have as he cuts the call that day thinking it as wrong number.

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Kartik hugs Naira and cries to think what she has gone through just because of his one wrong question to her. He says how all these happened and why did I asked a question I still don’t understand this. Naira says I always wanted you by my side and your support. She says I can’t live without you but my son Kairav didn’t let me die. So now please don’t let him from me as I will not be able to live without him. He is the only one who is is the reason of my existence currently. I will not be able to live without him.

Karthik gets emotional to see Naira so vulnerable in front of him. He says he is sorry for everything and confessed that in his wildest dreams, he can’t even think of separating Kairav from Naira. He says no one will separate Naira far from Kairav as his intention is not to snatch away Kairav from her. They both hugged each other and cries a lot.

On the other side, Damini Mishra the lawyer of Kartik get hold of an evidence from Naira’s room during her stay at the Goa. She concludes that this proof will be enough to defeat Naira at the court. No matter how much evidence and defense presented in the court everything will seems effortless in front of this. Forget Kumar even if the judge wants himself even he will not be able to be away make Naira win the case. She smirks and says do whatever you can Naira now but you will not be able to do anything.

Precap – Kartik and Naira gets married again in that toxic state with each other.