Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th September 2021 Written Update: Sirat does the unthinkable

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th September 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Sirat praising Kartik’s good nature. Kartik asks Sirat the reason about praising him. Sirat and Kartik dance together on ‘meethi meethi chasni’ song. Sirat by mistake hit Kartik. Kartik asks Sirat to keep distance with him. Sirat gets closer to Kartik and asks if he really mean that. Kartik asks Sirat to stay away. Sirat than decide to prepare tea. Kairav and Vansh confront Sirat, if Suhasini and Swarna is planning for Gayu’s remarriage. Sirat tells to Kairav and Vansh that they heard it right. Vansh asks Sirat if his father to be will love him and Vatsal. Sirat assures Vansh that until the guy will accept him and Vatsal, they will not get Gayu to marry the person.

Sirat takes Gayu to meet Saurav. Gayu refuses to meet. Sirat tries to convince Gayu. Kartik meet Gayu and tries to convince her that she should focus on move on. He adds the way she supported him during Sirat time, the same way he wants to support her. Kartik says to Gayu that she Naira sister and his friend and will not suggest anything wrong. Gayu and Sirat leave the place. Mainsh confront Sirat for taking Gayu to meet Saurav. Surekha lashes out at Sirat for trying to become Naira. She raise the question on Sirat’s upbringing. Sirat argues with Surekha. Manish gets angry on Sirat and says they are wrong for expecting her to be like a Naira.

Sirat cry and leave the place. She think she is not able to handle the relationship. Ahead, Goenkas prepare to welcome Saurav family. Suhasini find sweet missing on the table. Kartik decides to bring the sweet before the guest arrives. Suhasini and Swarna asks Sirat to get Gayu ready and bring her. Sirat find Gayu missing and receives a note from latter. She stands stunned. Sirat asks Kairav to give the letter to Swarna. She leave the house to find Gayu. Sirat inform Kartik about Gayu.

Later, Goenkas learn the Gayu left the house along with Vansh and Vatsal. Sirat search for Gayu. Kartik too look for Gayu. Vansh asks Gayu where she is talking him. Gayu asks Vansh to stop talking about Goenkas. Cab driver learn that Gayu has escaped the house. He decide to snatch the jewellery from her. Manish call Sirat and accuse her yet again. Sirat spot Gayu in the cab and run after her. Cab driver change the direction seeing Sirat running behind the car. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Driver threatens Gayu and asks her to handover her ornaments. Sirat saves Gayu. Kartik asks Gayu the reason for her escape. Gayu says she asked for the time but Sirat took her to meet Saurav without informing her. Sirat stands shocked.

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