Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th June 2021 Written Update: Sirat reject girls for Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th June 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Sirat and Ranveer looking at Chauhan. Chauhan leaves the place. Sirat thinks for her love sake if she has to fight with Chauhan than she will not back-off. Ranveer asks Sirat if she is not happy. Sirat says she is finding it difficult to share the place with Chauhan who tried to separate them. Ranveer says to Sirat that they are not here because of Chauhan nor they will leave the place because of him. Sirat says to Ranveer that if ever she has to fight with Chauhan that she will fight him. Ranveer says ok and click selfie with her.

Sirat send picture to Kartik. Kartik show picture to Mauri and latter gets happy. Sirat video call Kartik. Kartik asks Sirat to do housework too sometimes. Sirat asks Kartik not to worry for her. She asks Kartik when will find a girl for him. Kartik hangs up Sirat’s call saying her voice is not audible. Ahead, Sirat looks for a perfect match for Kartik. She makes profile for Kartik. Ranveer come and sits with Sirat. He asks Sirat if she seriously want to find a girl for Kartik. Sirat asks Ranveer why he is asking like that. Ranveer says the way she is rejecting girls, it seems she doesn’t want Kartik to marry anyone. Sirat asks Ranveer if he has gone mad. Ranveer praise a girl in front Sirat. Sirat doesn’t react. Ranveer asks Sirat if she is even hearing him. He adds he like his old Sirat who gets possessive if he praise any other girl. Sirat replies to Ranveer that she is a changed person now.

Ranveer gets upset with Sirat. Sirat decides to focus on finding a perfect bride for Kartik. Ahead, Sirat ask Kartik to meet her at the café as she needs to talk ith him about her match. Kartik decides to meet Sirat. Mainsh asks Suwarna if she is thinking the same. Suwarna says Sirat called Kartik to meet a girl only.

There, Sirat meet Shreya. Sherya talks good. Sirat send Shreya back and thinks latter is not giving good vibes. Sirat stops Kartik from coming to café too. Suwarna and Gayu asks Sirat about Shreya. Sirat tells them that she send her back because she was not getting good vibes from her. Suwarna and Gayu asks Sirat to meet her once more. Sirat gets ready to meet Shreya.

Afertwards, Sirat and Ranveer competes to eat sweets. Ranveer gift gown to Sirat. Sirat tell to Ranveer about her birthday memories seeing the gown when Goenka’s misunderstood her as Naira. Ranveer says Naira’s place is irreplaceable in Kartik’s heart. Sirat says that’s why it is getting difficult to make him agree for marriage. (Episode Ends)

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Precap: Kartik learns about Shreya. He asks Sirat to stay away from his life. Sirat stands teary.

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