Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2021 Written Update: Sirat helps Gayu

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Sirat trying to chase Gayu’s cab. Cab driver takes the short cut. Gayu asks the driver where he is taking her. Driver stops the car and threaten Gayu to give her ornaments. Gayu gets scared and takes out her jewelleries. Sirat and Kartik come for Gayu’s rescue. Sirat think how Kartik reach her and she told him that driver took the short cut. Back to reality; Kartik beating driver to the blue. Ahead, Sirat and Kartik confront Gayu for leaving the house. Sirat asks Vansh to take Vatsal inside the car.

Gayu tells to Kartik that Sirat and Goenkas was forcing her to remarry insipte she asked them to give her time. She reveal Sirat took her to meet Saurav without informing her. Kartik and Sirat tries to console Gayu. Gayu says she doesn’t want to remarry and only want to live for her children. She adds Samarth left her and now Goenkas feel she is load on them thus trying to get her married again. Gayu says she don’t want to marry anyone. Kartik assure Gayu. He asks her to come back home. Gayu says she will not go back home else Goenkas will talk about her wedding. Sirat hugs Gayu and apologizes to her for not understanding her. She asks Gayu not to punish her by leaving them.

Manish, Swarna and others wait for Gayu. Kartik and Sirat bring back Gayu. Kairav gets happy seeing Vansh. Suhasini asks Kairav to take Vansh and Vatsal. Mainsh asks Sirat what she said to Gayu that latter left the home. Surekha too accuse Sirat. Kartik side Sirat and says not only latter but they all are at mistake. He adds Gayu doesn’t want to remarry and without her consent they are forcing her for wedding. Kartik tells to Goenkas that Gayu doesn’t want to marry and they should respect her decision. Suhasini apologize to Gayu and call her daughter. Gayu says Sirat tried to talk her and she thought like Naira she will understand her silence. Sirat gets upset and leave the place. She think she is failing to win Goenkas like Naira.

Kartik come to Sirat and tries to console her. Furthermore, Kairav tell to Goenkas about his school exhibition where he has to sell handmade stuff and donate the collection. Sirat give idea to make handmade cards. Kairav likes the idea and says like Naira Sirat gave superb idea. He asks Goenkas to help him. Ahead, Sirat decide to plan Kartik and Kairav birthday.

Kairav win the star for selling handmade cards. He give star to Sirat for her idea. Sirat think she is becoming like a Naira. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Kartik talks with Swarna and Manish and asks them to keep Sirat away from his birthday party. Sirat gets upset hearing Kartik.

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