Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: A day of picnic and basketball

In the upcoming episode of Star plus popular daily show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain, Kairav will insist they sleep in Vansh room where they used to sleep during their previous visit and refuse to sleep in Karthik’s room. Naira will see Surekha coming home late at night and hears her speaking to someone on the phone. The next day Karthik will sit on the bedside of Kairav and watch him sleep. Naira will realize Kairav is awake and pretend to trip and fall. Karthik will worry about her and scold her for being careless. Kairav will wish Naira Good Morning and leaves the room. Naira will appreciate Karthik’s acting then realize he was not aware Kairav was awake and his worry towards her was genuine.

At the breakfast table, Everyone will pamper Kairav and Gayu observes no one cared about what Vansh is eating. Goenka’swill decide to play some game as it is Sunday. Naira will say basketball while others will refuse. Karthik will say they will play basketball or nothing as its Naira’s favorite game. Kairav gets happy. They all will finally decide to go on a picnic and play basketball. Suhasini will ask Surekha why she went to bed early. Surekha will lie she is getting migraine headaches lately. Naira will share her suspicion about Surekha to Gayu. Gayu will also tell her that Surekha seem lost and if she is having an affair. Naira will tell her that there is something fishy and she keeps talking to someone on phone. Gayu will tell her she will try to find out.

The Goenka’s get ready at the basketball court. Naksh too will join and they decide Kairav and Vansh will be the captain and select team based on names in chit. For Kairav team, Naira will gesture Suhasini to pick up yellow chit that had Karthik’s name. Kairav will refuse to play with Karthik on his team and insist Naira to be on his team instead. Karthik will agree to Kairav’s demand. Naira will observe Surekha stepping away with her phone. They all start playing while Suhasini is the scorekeeper.

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