Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- a hint for Kartik’s reunion with Kairav and Naira!

These days Star Plus’s superhit show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is buzzing with quite a lot of excitement from all around as the story peaks up to the point where it considerably looks like there will soon be a reunion between Kartik with Kairav and Naira.

As we reported in our earlier section of the show, Naira has gone to check her old hospital records to see if Kairav’s illness is linked to her medical state. She is too much worried about her sick son and wants to make sure he is safe from all possible harms. Therefore, albeit unwantedly she uses her name as Naira Goenka to look for her past records at the hospital. Naira will use the ID created by Kartik to download her reports and prescription so as to save Kairav. As she does that, Kartik will get an immediate alert message on his phone regarding the same. He will be highly surprised and soon after realizing what has transpired, he will rush to the hospital to enquire about the same.

In the meantime, back at Goenka house, Gayu will request Swarna to stop the marriage of Kartik and Vedika because of Kartik’s pathetic condition for having to get married without any wish or desire. Swarna will try to convince Dadi but all his efforts will be of no use. On the other side, as Kartik reaches the hospital and enquires about the alert message, he will get to know about Kairav illness. This will further make him feel worse and he will panic not knowing what is happening with Kairav.

On the engagement day, Kartik will go missing. Kartik will rush to Goa for Kairav while his family members will get tensed. Keep us abuzz for more news and updates.