Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhira sprains her hand, and Armaan takes her to the hospital

The episode begins with Vidya announcing the start of the games. Ruhi requests Dadi to join in for her sake. As Krish counts down, they are about to begin the race when Sanjay unexpectedly joins the game, shocking everyone. Sanjay asks why they are shocked, implying that they think he is not a good person, but he prioritizes his family.

Dadi smiles, and Sanjay thinks he has won her over. Ruhi loses the game and becomes worried. Swarna notices her concern and thinks, “I know you’re worried about Armaan, but he’s with Abhira.” Ruhi’s gold bangle keeps slipping off, and Manisha jokes, asking her to handle the gold carefully. Ruhi reassures herself that her gold and fate are safe, and everything will be hers since Armaan is with her.

In the temple, Armaan notices the mauli tied to Abhira’s hand, and she is shocked, wondering how it happened. She removes it and gives it to Armaan.

As they leave the temple, Armaan slips, and his hand accidentally gets covered in mehendi. Abhira saves him by holding his hand, and both of their hands get painted with mehendi. They hurry to remove it, but the color is visible on their hands.

Later, Abhira notices a punctured car tire and fixes it while Armaan stares at her, remembering their fun moments together. Suddenly, it starts raining, and Armaan grabs Abhira’s hand, and they run inside a house.

Abhira falls and sprains her hand, and Armaan takes her to the hospital. Meanwhile, at the Poddar house, everyone worries about Armaan’s whereabouts.

Abhira and Armaan return, and everyone is shocked to see them. Ruhi questions Armaan, and he tells her everything that happened. Ruhi hugs Armaan, thanking him for telling the truth, while Abhira feels sad seeing Ruhi hug Armaan.