Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai| Abhira will help Arman in front of Poddars

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Arman will feel guilty about hugging Ruhi. He will decide to tell the truth to Abhira. How Abhira will react, read below to know more:


In today’s episode, Abhira decides to see who is hugging Arman. She remembers Arman asking her to stay away from his personal matters. Abhira decides to leave. Vidya feeds prasad to Manisha. Manisha asks Vidya if she informed Arman about Agarwal’s function. She asks Vidya if they can take Abhira. Vidya refuses to take Abhira. She adds that if Ruhi had been there, they would have taken her. 

Arman remembers his wedding with Abhira. He recalls Ruhi’s wedding with Rohit. Arman distanced himself from Ruhi. He gets a call. Arman takes Rohit’s name. Vidya worries about Arman. She asks Madhav to find Arman. Madhav asks Vidya to relax. The poddars worry for Arman. The Goenkas worry for Ruhi. 

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai| Abhira will help Arman in front of Poddars

Manisha doubts Ruhi and Arman are together. She asks Manoj to inquire about Manish. Manoj calls Manish. Manish asks Manoj if Ruhi is with them. Manoj tells Manish that Ruhi is not at home. Manisha doubts Ruhi and Arman are together. Vidya asks Manisha not to think it like that, as Ruhi is Rohit’s wife. She asks Manisha to control her thoughts. Manoj asks Manisha to stand quiet.

Vidya worries for Arman. Abhira returns home. The poddars ask Abhira about Arman. Abhira tells the poddars that Arman went to his friends’ bachelor party. 

In the upcoming episode, Arman will bash Abhira for lying to his family. He will tell Abhira about his ex-girlfriend. Elsewhere, Ruhi will think Arman still loves her. She will decide to throw Abhira out of Arman’s life. Will Arman leave Abhira and go to Ruhi? Keep visiting this space to learn more.