Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- An emotional tour down the memory lane!

Things have turned out to the worst for Kartik and Naira in Star Plus’s favorite show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Fans of the show are up for an emotional ride from here as the story progresses to separate the two further than they already were by the impending wedding between Kartik and Vedica. The forced upon wedding which Kartik just agreed to for the sake of Suhasini and the family’s happiness is taking a toll on him and the chances of him reuniting with Naira seems minimal as of now.

On the other side, his union with Kairav and the truth of his relationship with the kid still is pushed back with the current track, it seems. The spoilers for the upcoming show have arrived, credits to our exclusive sources on the set of the show and going by them we can say the coming episode will be an emotional tour down the memory lane. We will see Kairav celebrating his first Saawan Milani with Naira.

In the meantime, at Goenka house, the celebrations for the wedding has already begun. Kartik will spot Vedika dancing which will suddenly make him emotionally recollect his past with Naira. He will have a flashback of him dancing happily with Naira.

On the other side, Naira too will dance in the academy where she too misses Kartik leading her to have an emotional breakdown right there. Kartik will feel too emotional and suffocated in the venue with everything happening around him against his choice so he will leave the dancing venue. Suwarna will see him in that state and advise him not to think of Naira as she is never going to come back now. Keep tuning to the show and do follow us for more spoilers, news, and updates from your favorite shows.