Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- And the hide and seek continues!

Star Plus highly appreciated show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is going through a very interesting phase as more drama unfolds concerning Naira and Kartik’s almost meeting each other face to face. Kartik is already engaged to Vedika despite his unwillingness to do that. Plus, the other preparations for their impending wedding is going on with a full swing in the Goenka house.
On the other hand, Naira is dealing with the most difficult time in her life, both as a mother and a wife. As a wife, she has to face the fact that her husband is getting married to someone else and thinks she is dead a long time ago. As a mother, she has recently come to know that her only child that she raised with so much love and care is very sick.
Moreover, these two tragic incidents are happening to her at the same time which is really a very unfortunate fate for a good-hearted woman like her. However, she has been taking everything in her stride and wishing a happy life ahead for Kartik. Thus, every time it happens so that Kartik is about to see her, she hides well from his site.
Now in the upcoming episode as well, Naira will visit a temple to pray for Kairav’s health. Kartik will also come to the temple Naira will spot Kartik there. Naira will hide and will go out, but Aditya will see her and stop her. The spoilers also suggest that Aditya will inform Kartik about Naira but Kartik will refuse to believe Aditya. Once again, they will get into a tussle. Tune in to the show for the more entertaining drama to grace your screens.
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