Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Armaan declares to remove Abhira from the job

In today’s episode, Kaveri bumps into Abhira and asks her to stay and see all the arrangements. She talks about how she bought her off by giving her the amount to lie about the marriage in court. Abhira returns all the checks to Kaveri and tells her that she can’t own her. Armaan, who is listening from behind, confronts Abhira, but she runs away and hides in a cupboard.

Just as Armaan is about to open the cupboard, Kaveri arrives to wish him well and tells him that he has made the right decision in marrying Ruhi. Kaveri offers Armaan chocolates from her box, and they leave for the Sangeet ceremony. Meanwhile, Manish helps Abhira out of the cupboard.

The Sangeet performance begins, and Kaveri instructs Abhira to check lights and sound and serve drinks to the guests. Armaan feels sad and can’t stop looking at Abhira’s pain.

Later, he goes to confront her, but they accidentally bump into a decoration, and Armaan catches Abhira, saving her from falling. Everyone is shocked to see this. Later, Ruhi takes Armaan away from Abhira, and Armaan declares that he will remove Abhira from her job in front of everyone.