Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai| Arman and Abhira will get confused over their feelings for each other.

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Ruhi will misunderstand Arman’s concern as love. Will Arman be able to clear Ruhi’s confusion? Find it below. 


In today’s episode, Abhira gets hurt. Arman decides to help Abhira. Abhira gets curious to know about Arman and Ruhi. Arman carries Abhira to the bedroom. Ruhi interrupts Arman and Abhira. Arman decides to put spray on Abhira’s feet. Ruhi takes the charge. She tells Abhira that Arman took her help to handle. Arman thinks Abhira is quiet sometimes. He wonders what Abhira is thinking. 

Manish closes Ruhi’s room. Swarna accuses Abhira and Arman of ruining Ruhi’s life. Manish asks Swarna to stop accusing Abhira and Arman. He asks Swarna why she thinks Abhira and Arman are ruining Ruhi’s life. Swarna vows to get Ruhi married someone else.

Arman sees Abhira struggling. He tries to help. Abhira says she doesn’t want her to take Ruhi’s help. Arman asks Abhira to move on from Ruhi. Abhira and Arman’s cute nok-jhok. Abhira sees a coloring book inside the bed. Arman thinks Ruhi gifted him the book. He hides from Abhira. 

Ruhi thinks about Arman. She gets happy. Ruhi thinks Arman wanted her to sit beside him in the car. Ahead, Abhira and Ruhi bump into each other. Abhira thinks of Ruhi and Arman’s moment.

In the upcoming episode, Ruhi will get jealous to see Arman and Ruhi. She will vow to keep Arman closer. The growing insecurty of Ruhi will bring trouble for Abhira and Arman. How Abhira will deal with Ruhi, will be interesting to watch. 

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