Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai: Cold war between Vedika and Naira

Star Plus longest running show Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai completed their 3000 episodes last week is gearing up for new twist and turns in the storyline for the upcoming days.

Well in the current track of the show, Kartik is married to Vedika but due to ill health of Kairav, he is staying in the same house with Naira. While the house members of the family are feeling pity for both of them but the fact of Vedika being Kartik is non-avoidable. Naira is trying her best to keep a straight face and be in the house just for the sake of her son is finding it hard to stay at Goenka Villa.

In the upcoming episode, the revelation of Akhilesh being involved with Lisa romantically will make Kartik and Naira stunned. They will join hands together to bring out the truth in front of everybody. This will lead to much more complicated misunderstanding between them and Vedika.

In the upcoming episodes of this week, we will get to see the insecurities of Vedika regarding Naira and Kartik relation will make her jealous of Naira. In the last episode of the week, we had seen Naira and Kartik went to a coffee shop to discuss the matter of Akhilesh and Lisa and Vedika catches them together at the cafe.

In the upcoming episodes, Naira will leave Goenka Villa in a car with Kartik and Vedika will get to know about it from the guards. She will follow them but another car and ask Naira to come out of the car and let her drive. Naira will happily hand over the car keys to Vedika and ask her to manage the rest. Vedika will taunt Naira to lend her a chance to manage things on her own without interfering in that space. Naira will get upset with her words but will keep quiet. Later on, the duo will have a tiff in the kitchen while making tea for Kartik.

Well, things seem to get difficult for Naira in the house. Stay tuned for more updates