Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Excitements in the Goenka family with Kairav’s entry!

The truth about Kartik being Kairav’s father was just about to be exposed in Star Plus’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai but it seems like the track is pushed further into the near future for adding up more spice in the show. The recent episodes built upon the ground where everything was ready to be exposed in front of the whole family.

However, in the upcoming episode, the show will take a U-turn and the truth will not be out this soon. The Goenka family will find Kairav’s innocent acts and his attachment with Kartik very loveable. They will be amazed seeing how Kairav has a parent-child bond with Kartik unaware of how real the bond is. Kairav will spend a pleasant time with the Goenkas as well as winning their hearts with his adorable gestures.

Meanwhile, Naira will be ready to go inside the Goenkas’ house to stop Kairav from declaring Kartik as his real father. But right at the moment, Liza will call her and ask her to come home. Naira goes away from there to attend to Liza and here in the Goenka house, Dadi will ask Kartik to get ready for the engagement.

As the episode progresses, Liza will tell everyone that Kairav’s mother had met with an accident. Kairav will leave the Goenka house and Kartik will get emotional as Kairav leaves the house.

Will Kartik follow Kairav to see his mother after knowing she has been in an accident? Has Naira really gotten into an accident? The show is really getting to an interesting point from where things are going to turn out for better, it seems. Do tune in for the full dose of entertaining drama at your screen. Follow us for more updates and spoilers as such.