Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Fathers Day Celebrations and Kairav’s longing!

In Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai, the story is progressing further with Naira and Kartik’s love story getting a tragic halt and then they became separated parents to an adorable Kairav who is trying his best to meet up with his dad. In the forth coming episode, the show will showcase the celebrations of fathers day in Kairav’s school. All of the kids will come to the school with their father which will make Kairav long for Kartik more deeply. The kids will see Kairav came alone without his father and they will tease him for not having his father by his side on the fathers day. Kairav will get hurt by the taunts and teasing from other kids. He will try to persuade Naira of his wanting his father to meet him but she will dissuade him from even talking to Kartik. Naira will instead plan a big surprise for Kairav to please him and bring him out of his sad state. Kairav will tell in his school that his father will come to the school and play football with him. He will then talk to Kartik and earnestly request him to come to his school and show his friends that he too has a father. Kartik is very much attached to the kid but still he will refuse to fulfill his request this time. Kairav will plead in a very emotional state and tells him that he has to be there for fathers day. Karitk will refuse his wish and tell him he can in no way come to the school breaking Kairav’s heart in the process.

The show is taking an interesting turn now and we are enjoying every bit of it.

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