Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai :- Kairav’s Birthday celebration

In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Karthik and Naira will spot the Kachori basket at the same time and rush to it. They will argue with each other that they touched it first. Karthik will tell her since she didn’t get him a birthday day gift she should give him this. They argue and Naira will run away with the basket in Karthik’s weak moment. They will again fight for basket pulling it with such a force that the walls of the maze fall down. Everyone laughs and Karthik will take the basket from Naira’s hand. Kairav will watch this getting upset.

The guests will ask Suhasini and Suvarna that Karthik and Naira don’t seem to be separated but look like a happily married couples. They gossip among themselves that in spite of Karthik remarrying, their son is celebrating his birthday happily at his father’s house. Suhasini and Swarna make excuse and leaves.

Karthik will arrange for a magic show. The hostess will ask the audience if they want to make someone disappear. Karthik will jokingly ask her to make Naira disappear. Naira will too jokingly tell Kairav, see his papa want me to disappear. She will go to the stage in spite of Kairav insisting her not to go. The magician will make her disappear and Kairav will throw a fit. He screams calling mom and starts crying.

Naira will hurriedly come and tell him its all a trick she didn’t disappear. She will manage to cheer up Kairav, however, Karthik realizes he might be angry with him. Naira will contemplate whether to give Karthik his gift when Karthik comes there and it falls from her hand. Karthik will take it from the floor and ask her why she did give it to him yet. He tells her he knows her gift will be the best of all. He will ask for permission to open it and finds a small box containing pictures of Karthik and Kairav together. Karthik will be overwhelmed and thanks to her.

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