Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Karthik and Naira’s mix up

Star Plus popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will be witnessing some romantic and light hearted moments between Karthik and Naira now that the elders have decided to get them remarried after Vedika left.

In the upcoming episode both Karthik and Naira will feel nervous like a teenager in love and start to behave like one much to the amusement of their family. Naira will go to temple with her family and to the Singhania house in order to be away from Karthik for a while and to control her enormous feelings that has been locked for years. Karthik will be surprised to know from Kairav that Naira has gone to Singhania house and thinks to propose. His strange behaviour will make the Goenka’s laugh. Manish will tease him and ask him to express his feelings to Naira.

Vedika will be sad and Pallavi will be astonished with her for ending her marriage on her own. She will ask her what is the need to leave when those were just waiting for that opportunity to get back. She will be upset and tell Vedika that she should have given time and things would have been normal. Vedika will tell her that its of no use as she knows her marriage will end sooner or later when Naira came back in Karthik’s life.

Naira and Karthik will have a dream sequence where they dream of having a romantic proposal.Suhasini will be worried about Vedika and will be hesitant to call her.Manish will ask her to call but Suhasini will deny as she have no idea what to tell her.Karthik and Naira will both create a mess in their rooms in trying to choose best clothes and to write a letter. They will finally decide to propose the other without waiting.Karthik will go to Naira’s room in Singhania house by jumping through window and will find her room messy. Naira too will do the same in Karthik’s room and the Singhania’s and Goenka’s find it hilarious to see the former searching for Naira at her house and the latter for Karthik at Goenka’s.

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