Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai: Karthik saves Kairav


Star Plus’s popular show is keeping the audience engrossed with its major twist and interesting tracks. In the upcoming episode, Karthik will worry that Kairav is trying to run away from everytime he try to get closer. Naira will console him that it is nothing and maybe he is planning something with Vansh. She will recollect how she would be just as close to Gayu in childhood like their kids now.

Kairav will ask Vansh to give him idea to stop from going to Goa. Vedika will pack her bags to leave somewhere. She gets dropped in an isolated place and driver will wonder why she gets down here. Suhasini and others will wonder Vedika is. Gayu will say maybe she dint want to be here. Manish will say to start the ravan Burning ritual as kids are waiting to enjoy.

Kaveri will say along with Ravan effigy even we have to burn all anger, hatred and hurt and wish for a new happy beginning. She will tell everyone to close their eyes and pray. Vansh aims for the effigy. At the last minute Kairav will run and hide behind Ravan effigy and thinks to himself if he get wounds Naira will not take him to Goa although it will pain he gets himself ready to bear it.

Suvarna will find Kairav missing and they all search. Gayu will ask Vansh to hold fire but Vansh will get scared and release it. Naira will see Kairav legs behind Ravan. Karthik and Naira will run and they save Kairav on time from the burning Ravan.

Karthik will shout at Kairav and ask for reason. He gets angry on him and Kairav will run away scared. Naira will go to console. Karthik will share his inner turmoil with family that he is always scared for Kairav.
Samarth will scold Vansh and ask him what did he tell Kairav to do. Gayu will get angry for suspecting Vansh and always scolding him. Suhasini will ask them both to stop fighting in public.

Later Naira will ask Kairav why he did it but Kairav keeps quiet. He gets scared seeing Karthik. Karthik will feel bad for scolding his son on dussera but he got scared. Naira will say its okay and kids are always close to their father no matter their mom takes care of them 24/7. They will share a light moment. Naira will say he should as Vedika will wait for him. They both get quiet and sad.

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