Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Kartik to bond strongly with Kairav!

In our earlier report, we reported about the shocking disappearance of Kairav in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai following his being upset over not having a normal life and a father like his other friends. His sudden disappearance panics Naira and she is going nuts looking for him all over. On the other side, Kartik is also alerted on his missing and he will be trying to locate Kairav as fast as possible. Naira goes to the police station with pain stricken face and files a missing person’s report. The police will set out to look for the kid soon after.
In the midst of it, Kartik realizes that Kairav has set out to go to Udaipur to meet his father there. Therefore, he also sets out immediately to Goa. He tries to get to the location of Kairav’s phone but he won’t be able to access the location as Kairav’s phone will be switched off by the time. After he reaches Goa, he will frantically search for Kairav and finally be able to locate his whereabouts. Kartik will go near to Kairav and the both will have a conversation about how he ended up here.
Kairav will tell how an uncle made him sit there. When the father and son finally meet, they will make unforgettable memories with each other. They will rejoice each other’s togetherness and sit there for a while. Kartik will feel more and more attuned to the kid and Kairav also gets closer to his father. Later in the episode, Kartik will tell Kairav that they need to go back to their homes now but Kairav will refuse to move from there. Tune in to Star Plus to see the great bonding between these two. Keep this space abuzz for more.