Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Kartik’s attachment of Kairav

In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai, the story is progressing fast post the leap in the show after Naira’s assumed death. Naira has survived the fatal accident and has been raising her child Kairav as a single parent.

Now soon in the show the father and son might meet up with each other. This is going to the big track in the show’s near future as the trio will pick up the story from the past since everything went wrong in Kartik and Naira’s life. Naira is still hurt from the accusations in Kartik’s eyes when she had just conceived Kairav so she would better not let Kairav be attached to Kartik in anyway. She wants to live in peace with just Kairav on her side.

On the other hand, an emotionless Kartik who became so after losing Naira’s love will start to turn alive again after he incidentally encounters Kairav. He will feel the deep attachment within for the kid and will want to keep meeting him. Kairav will also be desperate to meet Kartik as he presumes him to be his dad. Their short conversation on the phone will make both of them attuned to each other and leave them wanting to continue.

However, when Naira becomes aware of all these happenings, she will try to make Kairav understand that all this is not possible. She will try to dissuade Kairav from going over to the phone booth and keep calling Kartik. As father’s day being just around the corner, Kairav will insist on meeting and knowing his father and Naira will have difficulties in making him see sense. She wouldn’t want to make him hurt or upset either. So, it will be now amusing to watch how the father son will end up meeting each other.

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