Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik’s true identity to aggravate Kairav’s hatred

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is dealing with some major issues between Kartik and Kairav. In spite of Kartik’s continuous efforts, he can’t win Kairav’s heart. Kairav is very much upset with Kartik for hurting Naira. In later episodes, Kartik agreed to fulfill Kairav’s demands and dresses up like Jolly and enters their house as Kairav’s new father. Kairav will be very much pleased with the fact that Jolly is his new father.

While saving Naira from the swimming pool Kartik had to lose his identity as Jolly and will come out as Kartik surprising Kairav. Taking the whole situation the wrong Kairav will think that he is being betrayed once again. In the upcoming episodes, Kairav will lose his temper seeing Kartik and will lock himself up in a room. Naira, as usual, will try to convince and console Kairav.

Naira, meanwhile, will make Kairav understand the situation but Kairav will shut her out and will refuse to listen to her explanations. Suwarna will thank Naira for helping Kartik to get to reunite with Kairav. Kartik will later apologize to Naira for hurting everyone. Meanwhile, Kairav will remain adamant in not accepting Kartik. Later, Kartik will get violent and Naira will struggle to control Kartik’s violent outburst.

Later, the Singhanias and Goenkas will gear up for the special Diwali surprise.

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