Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Let’s say goodbye!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is going through a troublesome time in its characters live as there is a separation ahead for Naira and Kartik, the lovely couple who ruled the screens for so long. Now its time for so supposedly a final goodbye between these lovers before the show takes a big leap. We all have been aware of the upcoming leap in the show where Naira will return with a new identity as a working single mother to a baby. Before the leap, everyone will think that Naira had a car accident and she died on that. They will even perform the last rites for her where Kartik will break down emotionally. Here in the story is the upcoming twist that we are about to report exclusively in this report.
Buzz is when Mitali accidentally sees Naira on Mihir’s bed she thinks they are having extramarital affair behind everyone’s back. Her misinterpretation of the situation will be the main reason for all the upcoming trouble in the show. As Naira will help Mihir in an emergency she will end up in his room somehow. Due to her pregnancy, she will fall faint in his room. This is how Mitali will find Naira and she misreads the situation. Not only she misreads the situation, but she will also shoot a video of Naira and Mihir exiting out of the room together and send it to Kartik.
Kartik, who is already insecure and jealous of Mihir and Naira’s budding closeness after seeing Naira help Mihir selflessly, will also misinterpret the situation. He will demand clarification from Naira on this and end up accusing her of cheating. This will break Naira’s heart and she will run out of the house unable to handle his accusations. In the way, she will meet with the accident that sets up the plot for the leap in the show.
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