Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Lukachhupi Bahot Hui, Samane aah!

Lukachhupi Bahot Hui, Samane aah…. We know this is the tune that every fanatic sings these days looking at the hiding game Naira is playing in Star Plus’s super hit drama Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. In the recent episodes of the show, Naira has realized that Kairav has been talking to his own father instead of an imposter and the bond shared by them makes her emotional yet happy at the same time.

However, it looks like she is still not ready to face Kartik and bring back all the turmoil and troublesome memories from her past. So, she is hiding behind when Kartik visits her house to meet him and plays cheerfully with Kairav. She will be reluctant to approach Kartik. Instead, she wistfully watches them spend quality time together from afar.

Kairav will be very happy to be spending time with Kartik. They form a deeper attachment to each other. Right then, Kartik will bring out his phone and click a selfie with Kairav to store this memory forever. Kairav will then suggest Kartik call his mom as well. Kartik will dial her number to call her up but she will hide from them and won’t come at all.

Later, Kairav will be upset with her as she doesn’t show up in time to meet with Kartik. She will apologize with Kairav for not being there on time and give some excuses to make him feel better. Meanwhile, Kartik will take an odd decision which will surprise everyone. So, what might be the decision that Kartik has taken all of a sudden? Does it have to do something with Kairav? Tune into the show to watch more of it. Keep watching this space for more updates and news.