Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:- Maha twist in the Maha episode!

Fans of Star Plus’s decade long successful show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai are eagerly waiting for the special episode that will air today later in the evening. Here, we have got some exclusive spoilers from the sets of the show about the big impending twist that will take place in the show this evening through the maha episode.

Recently, the show has gone to a very high dramatic reunion between Kartik and Naira where Kartik not only realized that his Naira has been alive all along but also faced the truth that Kairav is his own son. This sudden realization turned his life upside down meanwhile shocked the whole Goenka family where all the family members struggled to digest the truth amidst happiness and anger for Naira for not telling them everything.

Now that the emotional conundrum has settled well in the family and they have decided to move forward with life by firstly saving Kairav out of danger, another big twist is heading its way to Kartik and Naira’s life. Vedika will come to the hospital and will meet Kartik there. Kairav’s surgery will be successful and the doctor will call Naira. Naira will go to the doctor and as she returns, she will see Kartik sitting with Vedika at the garden. The real shock will transpire through her when she will notice Vedika wearing Mangalsutra.

Kartik will introduce Vedika as his wife. His statement will break her heart into pieces apart from shaking her to the core. In just one moment, her re-found world will come crashing down in her feet and she will end up being emotionally broken after hearing Kartik call Vedika his wife. What has happened for matters to end like this? Do tune into the maha episode for more.

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