Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Manish to blame Kartik for Suhasini’s deteriorated health!

Star Plus’s long-running hit show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is gearing up for a high notch drama in its upcoming episode as lots of emotional scenes will take place. Recently, Suhasini has fallen seriously ill on the show and was found on the floor lying unconscious by the Goenka family. When she was rushed to the hospital, doctors advised them that she is suffering from a terrible illness and her emotional state is imbalanced because of that.
Now, in the upcoming episode, Manish will blame Kartik for Suhasini’s deteriorated health and emotional state. He will taunt him for making her suffer by his disobedience and stubbornness.
On the other hand, Naira and Kartik will have an argument about whether Kairav is his son or not. During the argument, Naira will suggest him to come with her to Udaipur and ask his father if he is the real father of Kairav or not.
Later, as the episode progresses, Manish will demand that Kartik has now the responsibility to fulfill Suhasini’s wishes and desires by doing whatever she wants to make her happy. As preferred by Suhasini, Kartik will be asked to get married to Vedika. Manish will put the pressure on Kartik and pester him to do so sternly.
In the meantime, Kairav will make a big blunder and Naira will console him to calm him down. Naira is also going to take a very bold decision. So, what might be the blunder that Kairav makes?
Is it something that will reveal his true identity and relationship with Kartik in front of everyone? What might be the bold decision that Naira will be taking?
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