Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira confront Vedika in hospital

In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Vedika will keep giving excuse to Suhasini not to take the check up. Suhasiniwill tell her that she is behaving as if she is hiding something and asks her. Vedika will go silent and goes for check up.

Suhasini will call Karthikinside. Vedika will be scared but the doctor say she has only one kidney and ask Vedika if the other got damaged or she had donated. Suhasini , Naira and even Vedika will be shocked. Doctor tell her she can travel but to take care of any infection.

Later Pallavi meet Vedika and tell her that her call connected and she listened to their conversation and immediately called the doctor here as she is the only radiologist in this area. Vedika thank her and worry if this will happen again. They both come to a realization Naira might be behind this and is suspicious.

Naira will tell Suhasini that she is going to tell truth to Karthik but Suhasini stop her saying Vedika has gone gone crazy in love and would do anything. She will tell her more than making Karthikbelieve, they need to collect proof so that they can prove Vedika’sfraud.

Vedika go to washroom and Naira follow her. Vedika will ask her to go away from their life as she always runs. Naira will ask her to stop dreaming and it would be her who will run this time.

Naira will remind Vedika thatKarthik is with her only because he feels indebted for saving her life. So is the family and noone love or accepted her. After Naira leave Vedika decide to cancel honeymoon for fear Naira might spoil her name in family in her absence.

Naksh will go to find Umesh Gupta as he went missing. He will assure to trace him. The next day, the families celebrate Makara Sankranti and Vedika gives snacks to Goenka’s who will deny it. She will owe to win each family member to win Karthik’s heart.

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