Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai: Naira is mad at Karthik for becoming Jolly Singh

As per the current track of Star Plus popular daily show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Karthik learns that Kairav hates him and demands a new dad online.In order to win him over,Karthik disguises himself as Jolly Singh and becomes his new online delivered dad.In the upcoming episode,Kairav will tell Jolly aka Karthik that he ordered new dad since he don’t like his old dad as he yells at his mom and makes her cry.He will show him a piece of paper where he written some rules and ask him to sign the so called paper agreement.Elders will be amused by his action while Naira will be upset.

Naira will later be angry with Karthik for behaving childishly and accepting Kairav’s crazy demand.She will worry what will happen when this gets over.Karthik will tell Naira he cant bear for his son to hate him and hence making an effort.Karthik and Swarna will overhear Kairav and Vansh talking to each other where Vansh will ask Kairav if he will forget his old dad and wont miss him.Kairav will confess he still misses him but he makes his mom cry and hence he hates him.He will tell Vansh if his new dad also make mom cry ,he will call police and return him online.

Karthik aka Jolly will surprise Naira by decorating the room with flowers,lights.He will tell they should cut a cake to celebrate.Kairav will get excited and the three cuts the cake.Kairav will leave to get camera and Naira will scold Karthik again for creating this new drama.

Keep watching the show to know more and stay tuned for updates.