Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Naira to dream about Kartik!

Star Plus’s super hit show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is gearing up for stories to unfold from yet again a new generation. The show that has been entertaining viewers with a crisp storyline filled with lots of family moments running since generations is now witnessing newest edition in the tale. The next generation after Kartik and Naira has arrived to tell another heartwarming story of the significance of family and relationships in one’s life. Kairav, son of Kartik and Naira, who had to grow up fatherless so far due to the conflict between his parents left to their separation is now seeking out for his father desperately. He went to the extent of running out of the house.

Though Naira has now found his safe and sound, she still is worried about what might have triggered her kid to go that route. She thinks that Kairav is in illusion and thinks an imposter as his father. Unaware of the truth that the person she is thinking as an imposter is actually Kartik, she decides to confront the imposter for Kairav’s sake. She will be reluctant on how to start the conversation and how to tread the matters at hand. But to her surprise, Kartik will turn her down and decide not to talk with Kairav’s mother. Here, Kartik will also be unaware of Naira being Kairav’s mother and Kairav is in actual his own son.

Meanwhile, Naira will have a very vivid dream about Kartik. This is definitely the great turn of events for the family from where things are getting interesting by each moment. We can just hope for the reunion of the family as soon as possible. Keep following us on facebook, twitter, and Instagram for more updates from your own favorite shows.