Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Naira to seek out her old hospital reports!

In Star Plus’s widely recognized show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, emotional times are going on for a while for its major leads Naira and Kartik. While Kartik has to compromise his will and get married to Vedika in a compelling manner by the family, Naira has to handle her emotions in check knowing that Kartik is about to marry somebody else. Then there is this issue of Kairav falling ill constantly and seeking out for Kartik’s attention.

This will further worry Naira and she will think of rechecking her old hospital records to see if she can find any solutions to her worries about Kairav’s illness. As Naira reaches Udaypur and goes to the hospital to search for her old medical reports, she will tell her name as Naira Goenka.

Now, this might certainly alert the Goenka family about her existence as they still think Naira lost her life in the fatal accident. Will this be the turning point in Naira, Kartik and Kairav’s tragic fate by which a new track will start in the story once everyone becomes aware of Naira being alive? Will Akhilesh tell anyone else about him seeing Naira on the road the other day?

The show is surely becoming interesting at this point. Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode, we will also get to see Kartik and Vedika perform a puja before their engagement. Suhasini will ask Kartik and Vedika to choose their rings. Amidst all these rituals happening, Kartik will recall Naira and become emotionally haunted again. Suhasini will come there and after witnessing him lost in Naira’s thoughts, she will demand that Kartik should get rid of Naira’s memories. Follow us for more spicy spoilers and buzzing updates on your favorite shows and stars.