Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira’s plan to trap Vedika

In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Suhasini will wait in the backyard of Singhania house for Naira. Naksh will mistake her of thief and try to hit her. After realising its Suhasini he will taunt her for the injustice given to Naira. Suhasini will confess the suspicion  about Vedika and Naksh will jump in to help.

Later Naira will come there and tell them how she has left Kairav to stay with Karthik for the night much to the anmoyance of Vedika. Suhasini will praise her move. Naira will disclose her finds to Suhasini and Naksh who will be shocked. She will tell Suhasini to somehow take Vedika to a different hospital for checkup by tomorrow morning as Vedika is taking Karthik for honeymoon and wont be there for few days. Suhasini will agree to do so and leave.

Kairav and Karthik play in his room and Vedika will be upset that he has not packed. He will reluctantly send Kairav to play with Suhasini and ask her if she has issue with Kairav being with him. Vedika will in turn ask him to solve her issue if he know it. Karthik leave and Vedika will think that atleast for the next few days it will just be both of them and no family interruptions or Naira.

The next day, Suhasini will inform Naira that Karthik and Vedika are ready to leave for airport. Naira and Naksh leave for sunshine hospital. When Karthik and Vedika got inside the car, Suhasini sits on the passenger seat and tell them she want to dropped to temple. Karthik will agree. Suddenly Suhasini will ask driver to stop car and gets outside saying she made a big mistake by forgetting something. She will then tell Vedika that she wanted her to have a health check up before going for a trip as she just had an operation. Vedika will lie that Pallavi approved after checking her but Suhasini will insist and forcefully take her to the sunshine hospital. Naira hide behind the curtains.

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