Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai: Naira’s Predicament

Star Plus most popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai has been keeping the audience glued with its high voltage drama.As per current track,Karthik and Naira are fighting over Kairav’s custody.Both the Singhania’s and Goenka’s have fixed the appointment with the same lawyer unknowingly.

In the upcoming episode, The Goenka’s would manage to hire the famous lawyer Damini first.She would put forth a condition of not questioning her ever and that they only do as she says.The Goenka’s agrees. Naksh gets disappointed to know that Damini would be fighting Karthik’s case.Damini taunts Naksh its too late as she had committed to Goenka’s and would now be difficult for him to find the best lawyer.
Naira would be shocked and disappointed to know that Damini is going to handle Karthik’s case.Naksh would console her and assures her she would not need a best lawyer as their case is strong in itself.He would tell her that no court will separate a young boy from his mother and that he found another good lawyer for their case.
Naira will ask Naksh to delay the case as much as possible as she want to make Karthik understand by talking to him.She tells her family that Karthik is doing this out of anger and she would sort it.Karthik calls Naira and informs her to meet him at the family court next day.

Damini sends a message to Karthik and would instruct him to only say what is in it. Naira meets up with her lawyer and he assures her that they would win the case but Damini will use any kind of method to win this custody case.

It will now be interesting to watch the court proceedings.Stay tuned for more updates