Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Surekha upset with Naira

In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, nurse hand over Trisha clothes to police and Naira will cry. Karthik and Naira will request Inspector to speak with the truck driver once. He agree. The truck driver will tearfully tell them that the girl indeed came in front of his truck andinspite of him trying to put the brakes, he couldn’t. The police try to gather information from Goenka family. Luv, Khush will hide and listen. Khush will get scared and Luv calm him down that until Trisha is in coma they have nothing to worry. Kairav will tell Vansh about Luv, Khush planting a chips tree. Vansh laugh at Kairav and they both ask Luv, Khush. Luv will lie saying it Was for a science project.

Naira will come home hysterically shouting at Karthik to let her stay with Trisha. The family will get worried seeing Naira crying so badly. Naira will tell them that Trisha has been molested. Everyone will be shocked. Naira tearfully tell them police suspect Trisha tried to suicide and she know Trisha will never do such a thing. She blame herself for bringing her here. Luv, Khush feel guilty.

Karthik will make Naira take some rest. Naira will get a picture message from inspector that the they found a locket in Trisha clothes. Khush will tell Luv that they should confess as he couldn’t take the guilt or see Naira bhabhi hurt. Luv try to stop him. Abhishek come there and control Khush. Naira will look at Abhishek locket and ask about it. He tell her in their family they wear this God’s locket and ask her what happened. Naira tell them that police found a similar locket in Trisha clothes. Abhishek think gladly that he wore new one.

Surekha will see this and accuse Naira of suspecting her kids. She yell at Naira for even doubting them and asking them about locket. Naira will try to tell her it was not her intention but Surekha make a big deal out of it. Akhil support Naira, maybe she was trying to ask if they saw someone wearing locket. Surekha keep going angrily. Naira at last apologize to Luv, Khush and Abhishek it was not her intention and she would never even think to suspect them.

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