Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Teej celebrations is on!

Earlier in our report about Star Plus’s superhit family drama Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we reported about Kairav’s displeasure regarding the constant tussles between Kartik and Naira. Now in the upcoming episodes, the hidden pictures that he found in the storeroom will further make him feel disheartened. Naira too will see those pictures.

As they go in to search for Kairav after knowing he was seen going towards storeroom, both of them will come across a sad Karirav who sits alone in a corner crying. Naira and Kartik will feel concerned about what happened to him. Both of them will try to know the reasons behind such action from Kairav. They will ask him why he is crying and sitting like that alone.

Kairav will tell them that both of them are bad. He will say he is crying because of their constant clashes. He will further add that he doesn’t like it a bit when they always fight with each other. He wishes for them to be happy with each other and stay without fighting. Kartik and Naira both will get emotional seeing their son’s state and will try to pacify him.

After all this, Naira will request Kartik to tell the truth but Kartik will downright refuse. He will say that the truth will hurt Kairav and might make him fall into illness once again. On the other side, Bhabhi Maa will make an unexpected plan for Teej. So, there is going to be a grand Teej celebration for the family.

Will this celebration bring Kartik and Naira closer to each other alongside the memories from their past? What might be the unexpected plan for Teej made by Bhabi maa?

Tune in for catching up all the fun in the line. Keep this space abuzz for more updates and news.