Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Vedika will hear Karthik’s bold decision to Naira

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Suhasini will call up Guruji in speaker in front of whole family , who will suggest performing Pooja for the peace of the house by Karthik and his wife. Suhasini will agree while Karthik, Vedika and Naira look at each other uncomfortably. Naira will go to Singhania house and cry to Naksh as she confess she is still in love with Karthik after so many years of separation. She will tearfully tell them she cannot wrong Vedika for their mistakes. Naksh will tell her she also has Kairav to think about now. Meanwhile Kairav will tell Karthik His mom had gone to meet Naksh. Karthik will think to meet her there as she is avoiding him. Vedika will come and thank him for supporting and trusting her. He will tell her no thanks in friendship. She will ask him to have Kachori and ginger tea she made for him. Karthik refuse.

Naira will be disturbed with Karthik’s thoughts. She will be surprised to see Karthik entering the Singhania house with all women except Suhasini and the kids. Surekha will invite the Singhania’s on behalf of Suhasini for the Pooja to be performed in their house. Kids will insist on playing a blindfold and clap game. Karthik will get blindfolded and the rest goes to hide. Naira will play for the sake of others while worrying. Karthik will follow Naira’s clap alone. Naira will try to move and Karthik says no cheating.

Naira will reason with him that it is cheating Vedika and whole family by expressing their feelings. She will tell Karthik she cant cheat Vedika for the mistakes they made. She came to Udaipur on their wedding day and ruined everything. Karthik will tell her it will be cheating if they lie to themselves. They cant hide truth for long and everyone will be hurt when they learn truth. He will tell her he is going to tell everyone the truth and face consequences. Vedika will hear all this she was hiding nearby. She will be heartbroken.

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