Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Will Ruhi back out of the wedding?

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High-voltage drama in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai after Ruhi learns that Abhira loves Arman. Check out the full story here:

Arman asks Abhira what is making her restless. Abhira asks Arman to stop coming close to her. She says there is no relationship with her. Arman calls Abhira his friend. Abhira refuses to accept Arman’s friendship. She confesses to Arman that she loves him. Arman refuses to believe that Abhira loves him. He asks Abhira, when she hates his family, how she can fall in love. Abhira is stunned. Arman asks Abhira to answer. Abhira regrets confessing love to Arman. She apologizes to Arman. Abhira gets convinced that Arman can never love her. She feels heartbroken.

Abhira and Arman get emotional. Arman falls down, thinking about Abhira. Abhira tries to convince herself that Arman doesn’t like her. She says Arman is going to marry Ruhi, and she should accept the reality.

Arman thinks that if Abhira loves him, then why didn’t she confess to him earlier? He remembers the past. Arman says Abhira tried to tell him, but he failed to understand her feelings. Abhira says she lost her love.

In the upcoming episode, Ruhi will learn that Abhira loves Arman. Surekha and Swarna will instigate Ruhi against Abhira. Surekha will ask Ruhi to fire Abhira if she wants to stay close to Arman. Will Arman let go of Abhira after learning her feelings?  Well, time will only tell.

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