Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 10th December 2019: Kaira makes a promise to each other!

Today’s episode starts with Kartik saying to Naira that from now he will not do any mistake and will always be with her. Naira says to Kartik that not only he she too equally loves him thus the footprint on the board will have his prints too. Kaira hugs each other. Suhasini sees them and gets happy. She further looks stressed and Suwarna ask the reason for her worry. Suhasini tells to Suwarna that she fears about Kartik and Naira’s happiness and feels guilty for whatever happened with Vedika. Suwarna consoles her ask her not to stress more, as Vedika is a modern girl and she too knows Kartik and Niara deserves to stay together. There, Vedika recalls her moments with Kartik and how Naira enters her life and throws the divorce papers.

In the morning, Kartik and Naira goes to temple and prays for their togetherness. Vedika spots the duo at the temple and cries seeing them walking hand in hand. She further hears the duos talk and recalls Pallavi’s words and thinks of something.

Afterwards, Naksh comes to pick Naira and Kairav and Suhasini worries for their happiness. At court, Kartik and Goenka’s waits for Vedika so that lawyer can file for divorce case. Suhasini worries why Vedika didn’t reach at the court. Kartik says he asked Vedika if he will come to pick her but she denied. Naira feels guilty and Kartik pacify her. Lawyer comes and tells to Manish that if Vedika will not reach on time than they won’t be able file the case today. Vedika comes and says she got late due to traffic. At home, Kairav gets excited for Kaira’s wedding. Naira comes and says they can’t get married so soon. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kairav and Vansh selects rings for Kaira. Kartik and Naira finds the smiley ring. Karitk worries and says he won’t be able to wear the smiley ring whole life. Naira makes faces.