Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 10th January 2020: Naira fails to expose Vedika

Today’s episode starts with Naira behind the curtains hugs Kartik. Kartik feels Naira’s presence. There, Vedika says to doctor she don’t want any checkup. She asks doctor to talk once with her doctor. Lady Doctor says to Vedika its just normal check up and she will not give any medicine to her. Suhasini ask Vedika if she is hiding some truth thus hesitating for the check up. Vedika gets ready for the check up. Suhasini calls Kartik and later Naira and Suhasini stands shocked when the doctor announces Vedika has only one kidney.

Here, Vansh and Kairav discuss about Makarsankranti festival. Gayu and Samarth over hears Kairav’s talk and wishes for some miracle so that Kaira comes together once again.

Further, Suhasini and Naira wonders how Vedika’s truth wasn’t came out. Pallavi tells to Vedika her mobile was connected and she learned about her check up. She warns Vedika to be careful more.

Naira thinks to reveal Vedika’s truth to Kartik. Suhasini says without prove they can’t prove Vedika wrong. Later, Naira confronts Vedika and asks her why she is fooling Kartik and others. Vedika asks Naira to leave her and kartik alone and go back Goa. She says everyone’s good lies in her escape. Naira says this time her stay back in Kartik’s life will be fruitful. She says destiny has tried once to separate KAIRA but failed. Naira says to Vedika she is no one who can separate them. Vedika asks Naira not to challenge her. Naira says she is challenging her.

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After Naira leaves Vedika self-talk and says she will not go anywhere with Kartik else Naira will provoke the family against her. Other side, Naira sends Naksh to find Umesh Gupta. Later, Kairav tells to Naira that Kartik and Vedika returned back.

Naira and Kairav spends time together. At Goenka house, Vedika tries to win everyone’s heart. Goenka mates ignores Vedika. There, Naira teaches Kairav how to fly kite. She further waits for Naksh’s message. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Naira reveals truth to Kartik.