Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 11th December 2019: Kairav surprises Kaira!

Kairav ask priest if Kaira can get marry tomorrow. Naira comes and says to Kairav that they can’t get marry so soon. She recalls court giving two weeks time to Kartik and Vedika for filing the divorce after Vedika reaches late to the court. Ahead, Naira and Kartik spends the time with each other and Kairav comes too. Kartik picks Kairav and Naira in his arma and twirls them around. Later, Kairav decides that he will select ring for Kartik and Naira. Here, Kartik and Naira learns that Kairav is selecting ring for them and the duo runs to home.

Kairav talks on Video call with Vansh and shows smiley ring to him. He says the ring will look good on Kaira. Karitk and Naira gets restless seeing the funny ring and decides to make Kairav understand. Kartik goes first to Kairav and tries to talk with him on the ring which he has chosen for him and Naira but hesistates. Naira comes too but fails to make Kairav understand that they can’t wear the funny ring whole life.

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Afterwards, Kartik and Naira tries to trick Kairav but fails. Suhasini and Suwarna come to Karitk and Naira and ask them if they have seen their engagement ring which Kairav has selected. Naira says yes and Suwarna ask about the ring. She tells that ring is cute. Later, Kaira decides to wear the ring selected by Kairav for his happiness. Further, Kartik ask Naira to go and get ready for the function, as she has to look like his dream Naira. Naira asks Kartik about his dream Naira and Kartik explain to her that she is pretty and beautiful. Naira asks Kartik not to praise the dream Naira more else she will feel jealous. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vansh brings Naira and Kairav brings Kartik. Suhasini ask Kairav to bring the rings. Kairav brings the rings and Suhasini gets surprised seeing the ring.