Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai Written Update 12th November 2019: Kartik gets exposed in front of Kairav

Today’s episode starts with Kartik falls down and Naira shouts his name. She asks Kartik if he is fine. Kairav gets shocked and Naira and kartik gets shocked. Kairav apologizes to Jolly and says Naira still loves Kartik thus took his name and further ask Naira to forget Kartik and accept his new father.

Later, Kartik and Naira shares a romantic moment. Kartik about to kiss Naira and Naira ask him to stay away as they are together only for Kairav.

Ahead, Kairav ask Jolly to play lotus game where he has to bring lotus for Naira from the pool. Naira worries and Kartik gets agree to play the game. Surekha leaves and Suhasini doubts her. She asks Suwarna to talk with Surekha if she is feeling lonely. Surekha meets with an unknown person. Naira gets restless thinking about her dream.

Game starts and Kairav ask Kartik to win. Kartik wins the game and Kairav gets happy. Vansh spots Surekha with a man. Kairav ask Jolly to give lotus to Naira and becomes the best husband. Naira takes the flower and Kairav gets happy.

Vansh comes and tells that Surekha is crying behind the tree and talking with some man. Goenka’s runs to Surekha. Suhasini ask the man to come out. Everyone gets shocked seeing Akhilesh. Surekha ask everyone not to say anything to Akhil as she the one who has called him. Akhil ask Surekha not to take her side. Surekha ask Suhasini to stop Akhil from going. A man shouts someone is drowning down. Naira worries for Kairav. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik saves Naira and Kairav gets shocked seeing Kartik and Naira together.