Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 13th January 2020: Kairav celebrates Sankranti with Naira and Kartik

Today’s episode starts with Vansh asking Vedika if she has called Kairav and Naira to for the Sankranti festival. Kartik interrupts and says to Vansh Kairav will celebrate the festival with Naira at Naira’s home. Vansh gets upset. There, Kairav too misses Kartik and Goenka’s and ask Naira to take her to Kartik for celebrating the festival. Naira asks Kairav to first fly the kite. Kartik recalls his moments with Naira and miss her. Other side, Vedika thinks Suhasini is upset with her because of Naira thus she has to console her. She goes to Suhasini and talks with her.

Afterwards, Kartik sees the kite. Samarth goes to Kartik and shows him the kite in the sky and says it’s for him. Kartik gets happy. Afterwards, Vedika over hears Manish and Suwarna’s talk were they talk about Naira and Kartik. Vedka calls, Pallavi and says she won’t be able to make her place in Goenka family. Pallavi motivates Vedika and ask her to focus on her mission.

Later, when Vansh pleads Gayu and Samarth to take him to Kairav’s place, the duo makes an excuse and reaches to Naira’s house. Afterwards, the whole Goenka reaches to Naira’s house and Kartik and Vedika is left alone. There, Naksh finds a clue about Mahesh Gupta.

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At Naira’s house everyone celebrates Sankranti festival. Naira and Kairav looks for Kartik. Karitk enters beating the drum and Kairav gets happy. Naira stands far and gets happy seeing her. Vedika comes from behind and everyone gets upset again. She says Kartik was missing Kairav thus she brought him here. Kairav gets happy and ask Naira to start the festival. Naira thinks she understands Vedika’s game plan. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik hugs Naira. Naira reveals a shocking truth to Kartik.