Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai Written Update 13th November 2019: Kairav gets to know about Karthik’s truth

The episode starts with Akhil going to the depth of the pool despite not knowing swimming. The family urges him to come out but he doesn’t listen. Karthik jumps into the pool and takes him out of it. Naira recalls Karthik getting drowned and rushes to check on him. However Karthik gets safe as well as rescues Akhil too. The family takes Akhil to hospital and Naira sighs in relief. Then all of a sudden her leg slips and she falls into the pool. Everyone are busy with Akhil that none noticed Naira including Karthik. Naira calls for Karthik while getting drowned and Karthik hears her. He feels as if she’s in some trouble.

He rushes to her and finds her drowning. Naira’s head gets hit and blood oozes out of it. Karthik jumps into the pool and releases her off her from all the ropes. The workers discuss about Naira missing and wonders about her. They go im search of Naira and finds Karthik saving a drowning Naira. He finally saves her but his beard and moustache washes away in water. they sighs in relief and Kairav sees Karthik without beard and moustache. He silently leaves from there. Karthik comes once again dressed as new papa and Kairav is furious. He cracks some jokes but Kairav didn’t give any heed and hugs Naira.

Everyone is hospital while Doctors are treating Akhil and Naira simultaneously. Karthik says about Kids in the lawn with the staff. He says that thank Kairav didn’t see his real face. The workers who knows about Kairav finding his identity tries informing him but finds them already tensed and decides to wait for a while. Everyone is pacifying Surekha while Kairav is furious. Naira comes out and says that she’s fine.

Doctor says that Akhil is fine physically but needs mental counselling. Everyone visits Akhil and he apologizes for troubling them.
Akhil says that he wants to die. Naira says that when Surekha had forgiven him they all must forgive him too. Karthik agrees with Naira and says that it’s upto wife to forgive her husband and no one has any right to question her decision. He recalls apologizing Naira. Akhil’s mom hugs him and reunites with him. Karthik and Naira come out when Karthik mentions about his forgiveness. Naira goes to the kids while Kairav is still glaring furious at Karthik when he asks about food.

Karthik is speaking with Kairav when all of a sudden he removes his moustache and beard and they both gets shocked. He runs away saying that he got to know his truth.

Karthik and Naira falls defeated. Akhil comes home and everyone welcomes him. Karthik and Naira come in their true self shocking everyone while Kairav reveals that he got to know the truth. They gets shocked knowing about Kairav knowing about Karthik being Jolly and gets sad.

Precap : Karthik and Naira breaks down and Naira promises to fix everything.