Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 17th July, 2019, Naira gets shattered over Kartik marriage news

The episode begins with Akhilesh gets spellbound on finding Kartik stands behind him. Here post Akhilesh’s call gets disconnected, Liza looks upset. When Naira asks her if she was talking to her boyfriend, she lies that the call got disconnected. Naira is settled to book tickets for Udaipur. Liza comes and reveals that her beau is going to Udaipur for attending Kartik’s wedding. Naira is shattered to know about Kartik and Vedika’s marriage. She gets flashes of her own wedding with Kartik. Naira blabbers like she doesn’t care at all but Liza stops her. She locks herself in a room while Liza asks her to open the door.

Kartik and Naira are missing each other and they are talking on a parallel zone about the current happenings in their life. Naira is making herself understood that she herself is responsible for all this thus she has to bear all this now. On the other hand, Kartik says to an unconscious dadi that for his own mistake he lost Naira and is regretting till today.

Akhilesh feels he can’t tell the family about Naira as they will come to know about his affair with Liza. Kartik is missing Kairav and wants to talk to him and at the same time, Kairav calls him but he doesn’t pick up, as promised to Naira. Kairav says I am missing you papa, please pick up my phone.
In the morning, Kairav asks Naira to get ready, she gets confused how to deal with Kairav now? while Dadi is back in Goenka Villa. Goenka family gives her a warm welcome. Kartik asks dadi to go to room and take a nap. Soon, the priest arrives and Swarna wonders why he is here now? Suhasini informs that she called him to finalise a date for Kartik and Vedika’s wedding. Vedika asks Kartik to tell Dadi that he needs time but he doesn’t. He excused himself from there and goes to check the room. Gayu advises Vedika to think twice before taking any decision. Meanwhile, Swarna listens to Gayu and Vedika conversation. On the other hand, Akhilesh asks Kartik to think before taking any decision. He indirectly tells him about his son, Kairav. Kartik becomes restless listening to all this things. His talk disturbs Kartik and he leaves in haste.

Meanwhile, Kairav asks Naira to hurry up as they will miss the bus. Naira is in a dilemma about what to do now? Swarna is upset with Gayu for telling Vedika all that. Gayu says correct me If I am wrong bt even you are not convinced with the marriage. Swarna says her that her method was wrong. Gayu tells her she noticed that her method was wrong but she never notices the way she has been treated all these years in this house. She tells her that Suhasini never treats Vansh with love neither does Samarth who brought her in this house with so many promises. She says as a mother I will think about my kid and if that is wrong for you then ok. She tells her that not everyone is as great as her who sacrificed her own son Subham for Kartik and leaves. In dilemma, Naira decides to go back to her first love – dance. While Kartik talks to her picture and say why did you leave me? Why you didn’t become angry and slap me? He tells her that he can’t let anyone take her place in his life, never ever.

Precap : Naira decides to move on in life and not to go back to Udaipur. Here, Kartik sees a video where she gets the sound of anklets. Naira folds her and Kartik wedding picture .