Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 21st November 2019: Akshat enters the Goenka house, Naira doubts his intentions

Today’s episode starts with Naira thinking that she will never let anything happen to Kartik. Vedika runs and hugs to Kartik. Naira stands stunned. Media out there questions Vedika and ask her about her kidnapping and if she has doubt on anyone. Vedika apologizes to Kartik for leaving the house without informing him. Here, Kairav ask for Kartik and gets happy seeing her. Kartik hugs Kairav and Vansh.

Vedika comes and Vansh and Kairav ask her if she brought anything for them from America. Kartik ask the duo to go to their room. He further, questions Vedika where she went and why she didn’t came home and stayed at hotel. Vedika makes a story and gets emotional telling her story. Naira cross-questions Vedika and asks her why the kidnappers didn’t contact them and asked for money. Manish decides to tell everything to the police.

Ahead, Naira tells everybody about the stranger that helped her in finding Vedika. Naira, Kartik and Goenkas meets Akshat. Vedika gets scared seeing him. Akshat cries in pain. Kartik ask him what happened and sees his wound. Aksaht says while helping Naira he got hurt. Goenkas calls doctor for Akshat. Vedika gets restless seeing the Akshat and thinks why he is here.

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ये रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है 21 नवंबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: अक्षत ने गोयनका के घर में प्रवेश किया, नायरा को उसके इरादों पर शक!

Suwarna ask Akshat to stay at their house till he gets well. Vedika stands stunned hearing the news. Suhasini ask Kartik and Naira to freshen up. Later, Naira falls in Kartik’s arm. Kartik hugs Naira and says thank you to her.

Naira breaks the hug; Kartik stops her and says to her that he really wants to hug her. Suwarna calls Naira. Naira asks Kartik to take care of him and Vedika.

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Suhasini apologizes Naira and Vedika for ruining their life and because of her they both have to stay under the same roof. Later, Vedika worries for Akshat and his intensions.

Further, Akshat refuses to take Naira’s help after Vansh and Kairav plays the football and a hot cup of tea fallen on his hand. Naira doubts on Akshat. Here, Akshat thinks now he will not leave Vedika. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kairav plans a birthday party for Vansh. Akshat gets excited for the party with the hidden motive.