Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 24th December 2019: Kartik and Naira spends quality time with each other!

Today’s episode starts with Kartik saying to Naira that he was missing her thus came to meet her. Naira gives a kiss on Kartik’s cheek and Kartik ask her to kiss more. The duo spends romantic time with each other. There, Samarth, Manish and Akhilesh talks with each other about Karthik and Naira. Ahkilesh and Samarth say Kaira is made for each other and Vedika would have never filled Naira’s gap in Kartik’s life. Vedika over hears their talk and gets upset.

Vedika cries in her room and decides to fight back for her rights and thinks to talk with Kartik for one last time. She goes to meet him. Here, Kartik tells to Naira that he has kept a gift in her cupboard. He sees Vedika walking on the road and a car about to hit her. Kartik saves Vedika for being careless and Vedika hugs Kartik.

Naira receives Kartik’s gift and self-talks. Other side, Vedika returns back home and see the decoration. She recalls how Naira returns back in her and Kartik’s life. Her soul comes and manipulates her. She asks Vedika not to give divorce to Kartik. There, Naira prays for her and Kartik’s future. Here, Vedika decides not to give divorce to Kartik.

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In the morning Kartik, Naira and Kairav gets excited for the wedding. There, Pallavi supports Vedika and ask her not to back-off from her decision no matter what. Vedika gets agree.

Kartik, Naira and Kairav dances in joy. Vediak cries and thinks if she will not refuse to give divorce to Kartik today than whole life she will regret her decision. Other side, Kartik and Naira talks with each other and gets happy.

Precap: Suhasini says to Kartik that divorce should happen today else he won’t be able to marry Naira. Vedika throws the divorce paper. Naira gets restless.