Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 31st July 2019:- Naira gets to know about Kairav illness

The episode begins with Suhashini is asking Kartik not to get attached to any stranger like this much. She asks him to come back into his world and get ready for his engagement. Kartik feels Dadi is right, he doesn’t get attached to Kairav too much. He goes to get ready for his engagement. Here, Naira is waiting for Kairav to come out, she gets happy to see him and instructs the taxi driver to pick them up while she will wait at another stoppage.


In the Goenka Villa, Kartik is ready for his engagement when he imagines Naira is behind him. He sees her when Naira asks him so he is doing second marriage and is about to give her place to someone else, Kartik says no one can take your place in my life and heart and whatever he is doing is for his family. She left him and his family like that so they want me to see happy and that is why I have to do this. He says why are you smiling? to make me feel guilty? Just go away from here and turns the other side and realized Naira is not there. Samarth comes to call Kartik for the event. He says guests and media people have arrived already so let’s go down and handle things properly as you know the press will ask some unwanted questions.


Naira, Liza and Kairav comes to the hospital again and Kairav asks why he is here? He doesn’t want to stay here but with his dad. There was a party going on at my father’s house and you should have come there. Naira says we will go but first let’s do some of your tests. Here the engagement is going on, Naira hears two ladies are watching Kartik and Vedika engagement live and gossiping. She remembered her engagement with Kartik and cries while Kartik feels lifeless and dejected while doing the engagement.


Here in the hospital, a junior doctor comes with a nurse and asks her to change Kairav dress and make him wear the hospital apron, Naira gets shocked while Kairav hugs Naira saying he doesn’t want to get admitted. Naira asks him not to worry and asks them how come you people admit my son without my permission? Call some of your senior doctors as I want to consult with him/her.


Kartik is in the room alone draws the line with colorful chalk to count the days he is going to spend in the guilt of living with someone else. Swarna comes there and asks him to forget Naira as she is no more. Kartik says I can’t forget her ever in this lifetime. Swarna says even sometimes I also can’t accept Naira is not alive. I get up at night and feel Naira will come someday. Kartik says from the day I meet Kairav, I can feel Naira more strongly. Here in the hospital, Pallavi drags Naira to a corner while asks others to get Kairav ready for the tests. She told Naira that Kairav is very ill and he has a hole in his heart. Naira refused to believe it and says my kid is perfectly fine, how can you say that? Pallavi says you can shout at me but right now he needs treatment as his each second of life is crucial. Naira gets stunned and shouts at Pallavi in shock and disbelief.


Precap: Kairav falls iller while Kartik feels restless and worried for unknown reasons.