Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 7th January 2020: Naira doubts Vedika’s intention

Today’s episode starts with Vedika thinking if anyone will spot her with the man. She thinks someone would have doubted her if she would have went out to meet him. Afterwards, Vedika goes to Karthik and ask him to choose a dress for her. Kartik says he is fine with her choice. Vedika then informs Kartik that she has invited Kairav for the Christmas Eve but not Naira. Kartik says fine. Here, Suhasini calls Naira and ask if her plan is all set. Naira says yes.

Kairav comes for the party and Kartik gets happy. Vedika comes and ask Vansh and Kairav if they are enjoying the party. The duo thanks Vedika. Later, Vedika gets excited thinking Kartik has started accepting her. Suhasini praises Vedika for all the arrangements.

There, Kartik sees Children asking wish from Santa. He too was about to write a wish but recalls Vedika’s word and backs-off. Samarth and Gayatri make a wish. Here, Naira’s bag gets exchanged with someone. She gets tensed. Meanwhile, Vedika waits for Umesh.

Ahead, Naira disguises as Santa Clause and enters the house. Kartik feels Naira’s presence. Vedika excuses herself from the party. Naira looks for her. She gets teary recalling her moment with Kartik. Later, Naira spots Vedika giving money to Umesh. She makes a video of the duo and wonders why she is giving money to him. Vedika ask Umesh to leave. Naira runs down and bumps into Kartik. The duo shares and eye-lock. Vedika doubts Naira after she wipes her tears. She was about to expose her but Suhaini turns Santa too. Vedika thinks something is fishy. There, Naira follows Umesh secretly and Umesh gets into his car and goes. Naira thinks to catch umesh anyhow. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Naira learns Umesh has given kidney to her. She says now none can save Vedika from her wrath.