Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 8th January 2020: Naira learns about Vedika’s lie!

Today’s episode starts with Naira finding about Umesh Gupta on friends book. She sees someone on friendsbook and recalls Umesh’s word. Here, Kairav reminds Kartik for meeting football coach. He asks Kartik to inform Naira too to accompany her. Kartik gets excited but stops seeing Vedika. Vedika says to kartik she too will come with him as per the deal.

Other side, Naira gets a call from Suhasini. Suhasini tells to Naira that Pallavi has come to meet Vedika. Naira asks Suhasini to overhear the duos talk. Suhasini informs Naira that Pallavi is going to hospital. Naira asks Suhasini to stop Pallavi from going to hospital. Suhasini fails to stop her. other side, Kairav and Kartik talks about Naira and Vedika gets irked.

There, Naira reaches the hospital and spots Umesh. She says Umesh has definitely some connection with Pallavi. She hides seeing Naira. Afterwards, Vedika scolds Kairav and Kartik berates Vedika for scolding Kairav.

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Other side, Naira over hears Pallavi and Umesh’s talk and learns the truth that Umesh has given her the kidney not Vedika. Here, Suhasini worries for Naira. Ahead, Naira recalls Vedika’s word and cries. She says Vedika’s game she will end.

At the garden, Kartik imagines Naira and smiles. Vedika gets irk. Kairav waits for Naira. He gets happy seeing her. Kartik, Kairav and Naira go leaving behind Vedika. Naira stares Vedika and Vedika wonders if she has learned the truth. Later, Vedika tells to Naira she and Kartik is going for their honeymoon tomorrow.

Precap: Naira makes a plan with Suhasini and Naksh to expose Vedika in front of Kartik.